Citizen Science

We are working together to develop solutions to help the UAE and the world respond to COVID-19

Who We Are

We are an informal collective of scientists, researchers, engineers and medical doctors from fields as diverse as physics, material sciences, aerospace, defence and security – all based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

We have come together to support the UAE’s and the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working alongside people from across the wider UAE community, we are combining our diverse fields of expertise to innovate novel solutions to the greatest challenges affected by this international health crisis.

Supported by the UAE’s leading corporate and government entities, and with critical assistance from countless individuals, companies and organisations who have donated their subject expertise, raw materials and manufacturing equipment, we have identified crucial projects that can accelerate and enhance the UAE’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Our Approach

Forward thinking. Agility. Collaboration.

Dovetailing insights, approaches and vital skill sets from different scientific and engineering sectors we are arriving at solutions in new, promising ways. We are mobilising our existing research with our specialised knowledge to seek innovative and impactful solutions.

We’ve adopted an agile approach that allows us to move forward quickly with solutions that work and adjust rapidly when we hit roadblocks. We’re looking for speedy rollout and quick delivery to ensure critical equipment and supplies are available if needed by hospitals and healthcare workers. At the same time, we are ensuring all our design, development and production work meets the highest healthcare specifications and regulations set by the UAE Government.

We bring excellence to every aspect of this work because we know how critical it is to get things right from the start. That’s how we’ll earn the early support and adoption by doctors and the rest of the healthcare profession.

Tackling the problems caused by COVID-19

We have identified the major roadblocks inhibiting the global healthcare sector’s response to COVID-19 across three key areas: personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, single-use disposables including patient ventilator masks, and critical technical equipment including ventilators.

We turned these challenges into a series of technical requirements that allowed us to identified the specific tools, technologies and other capabilities required to address each issue.

Our next step was to issue a call to action for specific materials, equipment and asset owners in the UAE. This included owners of 3D printers and laser cutters, and industrial partners with materials and supplies we could leverage in this effort.

We have mobilised these resources and facilities, and are working at full speed. Nevertheless, we maintain constant contact with a core group of hospitals and healthcare professionals to ensure our work remains on target and fit for purpose.

Our Projects